Cirque Du Soleil, Violaine Corradi : Varekai (CD, Album)
Cirque Du Soleil, Violaine Corradi : Varekai (CD, Album)
Cirque Du Soleil, Violaine Corradi : Varekai (CD, Album)

Used CD - Cirque Du Soleil, Violaine Corradi - Varekai (CD, Album) (Very Good Plus (VG+))

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Booklet in French and English.

11: Vocals sampled from: "Ghazal", Poem of Maulana Kausar Niazi. An excerpt from: Pakistan, Music of The Qawal, UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World.

Recorded between July and September 2002 at: SPHERE STUDIOS, London; PHASE ONE RECORDINGS, Toronto; STUDIOS PICCOLO, Montréal; SPIRIT DANCE STUDIOS, London.

The following credits included in the booklet do not match up to a track on this release:
Composé par / Written by: VIOLAINE CORRADI
Textes dits écrits par / Spoken Voice Part Written by: TERRY CALLIER, NITIN SAWHNEY, TINA GRACE
Arrangement: NITIN SAWHNEY
Boîte à musique / Music Box: VIOLAINE CORRADI
Textes dits / Spoken Voices: TERRY CALLIER, TINA GRACE

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1. Rain One 4:55
2. Le Rêveur 7:07
3. Vocea 5:01
4. Moon Licht 6:21
5. Patzivota 9:19
6. El Péndulo 4:53
7. Gitans 3:41
8. Kèro Hiréyo 7:06
9. Lubia Dobarstan 6:12
10. Emballa 5:08
11. Oscillum 4:35
12. Funambul 2:43
13. Resolution 2:22


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