The Flock : Dinosaur Swamps (LP, Album, Gat)
The Flock : Dinosaur Swamps (LP, Album, Gat)
The Flock : Dinosaur Swamps (LP, Album, Gat)
The Flock : Dinosaur Swamps (LP, Album, Gat)
The Flock : Dinosaur Swamps (LP, Album, Gat)

Used LP - The Flock - Dinosaur Swamps (LP, Album, Gat) (Very Good (VG))

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Media Condition: Very Good (VG)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good (VG)


Gatefold opens from top of album
An Aruse Production

Columbia stereo records can be played on today's mono records players with exellent results. They will...
mono records played on the same equipment, yet will reveal full stereo sound when played on...

Manufactured by Columbia Records/CBS, Inc/51W. 52 Street, New York, N.Y:/(R) 'Columbia'

The Flock would like to thank: Barry + Sandy Ward, Meethal Norman Canoff, Michael Rogan (Mountain Man or Lief Erikson), Chucker Montey, Billy Bob and Mona, La Bruya, Bo, Shell Darlin, Rick Mann, Alice Mona Cramden, The Guy.

Noode, Ubba, Gary Crayless.

John McClure, Jamaica, Doug + Don, Uncle Nathan, Harold Bormann, 2000 Webb, "Monaco + Goloen", Edith Audrey, Dusty Weaglebones, Roland + wife from Holland, Leo + K.B., Beaver, Aaron Ruggo

E.J.Weinstein, John Mayall, Aaron Dagority, Steven E Pollack, John Schoenhoff, Bob Newman, Arnlen Donnich

Mary Wienna, Jan Kahn, Oakland, N.J.,Evelyn + Jack Friff, Dinnof

CapeCoo-Princetown, Mass, The Hinon, Henry David Thoreau, Silly Sideburns, John Stravinsky, Billy Graham, Bloodface, The Magic, Danny Kaye, Prof. Irwin Corey

Sue Ann, Dick Rudolf, Rick Smith, Sarah Lee, Jerry Rubin, José Feliciano, Jary + Grace

Lennon + McCartney, Robert Brown, Frazier Thomas, Bob Bell,Ray Rayner, John Conrad Blecka, Thomas John Christopher Blecka, Harry and his wife, Jerry Ragni, Chung, Nok.

Cover Art: American Museum of Natural History

Picture of the Flock: Columbia Records Photo Studio

Map: Charles B. Slackmann

Sticker upper left corner. KOPN written on front and back of album cover.

A1. Green Slice 2:00
A2. Big Bird 5:52
A3. Hornschmeyer's Island 7:27
A4. Lighthouse 5:20
B1. Crabfoot 8:15
B2. Mermaid 4:53
B3. Uranian Sircus 7:12