Don Voegeli : Instant Production Music/Volume 18: Fine (LP)
Don Voegeli : Instant Production Music/Volume 18: Fine (LP)
Don Voegeli : Instant Production Music/Volume 18: Fine (LP)
Don Voegeli : Instant Production Music/Volume 18: Fine (LP)

Used Vinyl - Don Voegeli - Instant Production Music/Volume 18: Fine (LP) (Near Mint (NM or M-))

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Media Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)
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fine (fe' na) n. Music. The end, termination. (Italian, from Latin finis)

Fine . . . used as the title for this record to signal another termination, the end of the CPB and NPR funded project which over the years has brought you a total of twenty-six records of special production music.
Our station survey this spring (Mar. '80) was again highly supportive of the project with one hundred percent of the TV stations responding and ninety six per cent of the radio stations endorsing a continuation of the service. However, because of limited funds available to public radio, it was thought that there might be a better use made of the monies which supported this project. Which is by way of explaining that this will be the last record you will be receiving.
As you know, while all twenty-six records were produced by the Electrosonic Studio, not all the music was mine. My thanks go to the other musicians and writers who contributed to the ES library: Dr. Frank Bencriscutto, Herb Pilhofer, Lonnie Knight, Ron Steele, Dave Karr, Jim Christensen and Steve Barnett. Thanks, too, to Tom Jung, Paul Martinson and my son Tom for engineering and mix-down, and to Bob Bergland, who mastered all but the first ES record. Special appreciation goes to the artists of the WHA-TV Graphics Department for their design of the record jackets.
And from the entire staff of the Electrosonic Studio, me, it's a big, big thanks to you, the users, for your support. Fine!

Produced by the Electrosonic Studio
A project of National Public Radio and University of Wisconsin-Extension
Restricted to use by and for public (non-commercial) radio and TV facilities.


A1. A Piece Of Bubble Gum 1:08
A2. Pleasant Memories 3:38
A3. Circle Of "Ifs" 3:00
A4. Tailgate Party 2:42
A5. Follow The Leader 1:53
A6. Interlude 2:00
A7. Small Talk 2:40
A8. Picnic In The Country 2:30
. Production Tracks
. A Piece Of Bubble Gum
. Pleasant Memories
B3. Circle Of "Ifs" (Shortened) 1:55
. Tailgate Party
. Follow The Leader
. Interlude
. Small Talk
. A Picnic In The Country