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Running on Empty is the fifth album by Jackson Browne. Featuring songs themed around life on the road, the entire album was recorded on tour, either live on stage, or in locations associated with touring, such as backstage, on tour buses, or in hotel rooms. Released in 1977, the album reached #3 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart in 1978 and stayed on the charts for 65 weeks. The single for the title track, Running On Empty, peaked at #11 and the follow-up single, The Loadout/Stay, reached #20 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart.

The album received two Grammy™ Award nominations in 1979: one for Album Of The Year and the other for Pop Male Vocal Performance for the song Running on Empty.

In addition to tracks recorded on-stage during concerts, it also contains songs recorded in hotel rooms, on the tour bus, and backstage. It is unusual among live albums in that none of the tracks had ever appeared on a previous studio album. Browne was the sole writer on only two songs, co-writing four others and covering another four. The theme of the album was life on the road. In a Rolling Stone interview about the tour during which the album was recorded, Browne expressed pleasure at finally being able to afford the session musicians he wanted to go out on the road with him.

The album was certified as a Gold record in 1977 and Platinum in 1978 by the RIAA. It reached Multi-Platinum in 1997 and 2001. It reached 7 X platinum and is Browne's best-selling album to date. 


Track Listing:
  • 1. Running On Empty
  • 2. The Road
  • 3. Rosie
  • 4. You Love the Thunder
  • 5. Cocaine
  • 6. Shaky Town
  • 7. Love Needs a Heart
  • 8. Nothing But Time
  • 9. The Load-out
  • 10. Stay