King Curtis • The Soul of King Curtis• 2 DISC SET
King Curtis • The Soul of King Curtis• 2 DISC SET

King Curtis • The Soul of King Curtis• 2 DISC SET

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2 CD set with 38 Tracks Including the best of his Solo and session work. 18-year-old Curtis Ousley arrived in New York in 1952, already in possession of some fearsome chops on his tenor saxophone. He’d wailed strong enough in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas to earn the regal stage moniker of King Curtis. A few years later, he’d replace Sam "The Man" Taylor as New York’s first-call studio sax man, cutting loose with crystalline solos on countless R&B and rock and roll recordings. Curtis was versatile enough to blow straightahead jazz fare as well, maintaining two separate stylistic careers simultaneously for a time and excelling at both. Curtis recorded for a variety of labels during his career, including stints at Capitol and Atlantic, but what is arguably his finest session came for Bobby Robinson's Harlem-based label Enjoy Records in 1962. King Curtis never officially 'joined' Bobby Robinson's Enjoy label, rather, he came aboard only provisionally, willing to cut a couple of sides and see if they hit, and once they did, he would sign. Robinson ran the session for Soul Twist and the record became Curtis' first hit. This album features the best of the Bobby Robinson sessions, and the best of his session work.

 Track Listing: 

Disc 1:

  1. Soul Twist
  2. Twisting Time
  3. Whatd I Say, Pt. 1
  4. Whatd I Say, Pt. 2
  5. I Know (You Dont Love Me No More)
  6. Sack O Woe (Twist)
  7. Camp Meetin (A.K.A. Harmonica Twist)
  8. Wobble Twist
  9. Irresistible You
  10. Big Dipper (A.K.A. Mr. Crow)
  11. Twisting With The King
  12. Midnight Blue
  13. Hot Potato (Piping Hot)
  14. The Monkey Shout (Bobby Davis & The Rhythm Rockers)
  15. Get With It (Bobby Davis & The Rhythm Rockers)
  16. Air Raid (Curley Hamner)
  17. Soul Twist (Take 7)
  18. Beatnik Hoedown
  19. King Neptunes Guitar

Disc 2:

  1. Wicky Wacky (Part 1)
  2. Wicky Wacky (Part 2)
  3. Im Gonna Catch You (Cutting Out On Me) (Curtis Carrington)
  4. Madisonville, U.S.A., Part 1 (The Strolls)
  5. Madisonville, U.S.A., Part 2 (The Strolls)
  6. Off To Work Again (Wilbert Harrison)
  7. The Count And The King (With Count Hastings)
  8. Chicken Scratch (As The Commandos)
  9. Ill Be There (Melvin Daniels)
  10. Wail Man Wail (Sammy Love)
  11. In The Morning (Washboard Bill)
  12. Ice Cream Baby (The Pearls)
  13. Korea, Korea (Bob Kent)
  14. Woman, Woman, Woman (The Sparks Of Rhythm)
  15. Our Love Will Never End (The Avons)
  16. Better Forget Him (The Shells)
  17. Fine Little Girl (The Arcades)
  18. Juicy Fruit (Rudy Greene)