Lead Belly • Masterworks • Limited Edition 2 Disc Set

Lead Belly • Masterworks • Limited Edition 2 Disc Set

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 Lead Belly is one of the greatest musical influences of the 20th century and his work is celebrated in this brilliant collection." The Daily Telegraph U.K.

"No Lead Belly - no Beatles." - George Harrison

More than six decades after his death from Lou Gehrig’s disease in 1949, the influence of the great blues and folk singer Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter) continues to reverberate through time. Tom Waits, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan and Jack White are just a few of the musicians who have been deeply influenced by Lead Belly. Kurt Cobain said that he was his favorite performer, adding “Isn’t he all of ours?” He also had a deceptively simple way of playing his powerful twelve-string guitar, an instrument Cobain once tried to buy from Lead Belly’s cousin. Some of Lead Belly’s songs - such as Goodnight Irene, The Rock Island Line, The Midnight Special and Pick a Bale of Cotton - have become classics. The richness of his legacy is shown to its full impressive extent in this superb 2 CD LIMITED EDITION set called Lead Belly: Masterworks Volume 1 & 2. The set includes two CDs covering over two hours of music over 40 tracks. Sixteen of these songs are previously unreleased, and they include some wonderful rarities.

Track List:

Disc 1:
1. Midnight Special
2. The Gallis Pole
3. Dekalb Blues
4. John Hardy
5. Goodnight Irene
6. The Bourgeios Blues
7. Pretty Flower In your Backyard
8. Borrow Love and Go
9. Big Fat Woman
10. Julie Ann Johnson
11. Be So Glad When I Get Home
12. Old Ship Zion
13. I Don't Want No More Army Life
14. Ella Louise
15. Backwater Blues
16. Rock Island Line
17. Mary and Martha
18. Go Down Old Hannah
19. When I Was A Cowboy
20. How Long
21. In New Orleans (House Of The Rising Sun)

Disc 2:
1. Goodnight Irene
2. Ho-Day - Ain’t Going Down To The Well
3. No More
4. Rock Island Line
5. Go Down Old Hannah
6. Shine On Me
7. What Can I Do To Change Your Mind
8. Skip To My Lou
9. Mary And Martha
10. C’est Bon, Les Oeugs (Scrambled Egg Song)
11. Whoa Back Buck
12. John Henry
13. Backwater Blues
14. Ella Lousie
15. I Don’t Want No More Of Army Life
16. Relax Your Mind
17. Goodnight Irene (Version 2)
18. Old Ship Of Zion
19. I Will Be So Glad When I Get Home
20. Good Morning Blues
21. Bottle Up And Go