Slim Gaillard • Searching For You: The Lost Singles of McVouty (1958-74) • CD

Slim Gaillard • Searching For You: The Lost Singles of McVouty (1958-74) • CD

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Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Slim Gaillard's joyous music appealed to both adults and little children alike with songs about love, traveling, potato chips, beer and everything in between. Searching For You: The Lost Singles of McVoulty (1958-74) is the first collection of new Gaillard music officially released with the endorsement of the Gaillard family in decades. Very little is known about the label sources ie. Putti Records, SGM Records, Delgado, Blue Chip Records etc. but they all seem to have been made for companies likely owned by Slim that he was sending out to A&R men and radio stations trying to score regional hits. Most tracks in this collection come from co-producer Tom Samuels, who won a series of eBay auctions containing rare 45s. Most of the tracks here have never been available to the public before.

Track Listing:

• 1. Baked Beans And A Bottle Of Beer

• 2. I Love You

• 3. Frank Rhoads Round

• 4. Dr. Free

• 5. Frim Fram Sauce

• 6. Cha Cha Enchilada

• 7. Searching For You

• 8. Flat Foot Floogie

• 9. Many Things

• 10. Darktown Stutter's Ball

• 11. Cement Mixer Putti Putti

• 12. Linda Cara

• 13. I Don't Care

• 14. Peanut Vendor

• 15. Kahlua