3 Mustaphas 3 : "Play Musty For Me" (CD, Comp)
3 Mustaphas 3 : "Play Musty For Me" (CD, Comp)
3 Mustaphas 3 : "Play Musty For Me" (CD, Comp)
3 Mustaphas 3 : "Play Musty For Me" (CD, Comp)
3 Mustaphas 3 : "Play Musty For Me" (CD, Comp)

Used CD - 3 Mustaphas 3 - "Play Musty For Me" (CD, Comp) (Near Mint (NM or M-))

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"Play musty for me. The Crazy Loquat Review - Live Worldwide - 1984 - 1995" - Vol. 13

playing suggestion: rub the CD with a little bit of olive oil, freshly-ground black pepper and place on a very hot ridged griddle pan or barbecue, and char for 2 minutes on each side.

Booklet Information:

1. Radio Szegerely
How it all began. Spin that dial. Uncle's first demestic appliance shaped the family's destiny.

2. Ah Ya Assmar El Lawn
Proud opening instrumental item recorded at Bracknell Folk & Roots Festival 1987 on the British Isles.

3. Ljubav Kraj Izvora
The well-remembered hit about the young lovers going to the well and the tragic consequences recorded at the annual Artur Askai memorial dance, Szegerely Town Hall (Annex) in 1989 (tickets still available from normal outlests).

4. Perfidia
Live outside boardcast from the Definite Friend Bar, Szegerely beamed to London by early-bird international sattelite in 1984, later broken up and sold as memorial keyrings by <a href="" target="_new">L Askadinia</a> (enter prizes). Uncle sings famous hit-song from bitter experience.

5. Speed The Traktor
International new versions of famous English farmyard melody, Speed the Plough special commissioned for fRoots magazine of UK, we read it in Szegerely even before it gets to the dentist's wailing room. Recorded at Ideal Sound Studios, London in 1987 by Dave Kenney.

6. Niska Banja
Counting backwards in the bath song recorded during the Crazy Loquat Review's record-breaking on day run at London's Ronnie Scott's Club on the Szegerely Mobile Studio held aloft by Big Ian 6/11/88

7. Szegerely Soul Stew
Hijaz 'Grease'n'Grits' Mustapha introduces band boys and gives it the big build-ups for Houzam in first part of epic triology recorded on the czitlin' circut's famed Fasching-Club, Stockholm, June 5th 1989. The Stockholm in Sweden.

8. Si Vous Passez Par Là
Houzam takes the microphone and squeezes every lastdrop of emotion out of himself in heart-rendering version of loveable Congolese/Afghan world hit.

9. Maramures Zydeco
Part 3 in which a Romano-Hungarian dance tune travels to Louisiana for a spot of intercontinental knees-up. A shout favourite of the contrabandistas and troqueros at the Crazy Loquat who danced this on the jukebox, barefoot. Mon Dieu!

10. Chilling Tale / Hardcourt Drowned
Specially commissioned item for the Joseph Spence Memorial Lecture - a desperately true story of golden murder and dullskuggery from the fertile brain of Uncle recorded at Sound Studio, London 1993 by Sir Rob Keyloch.

11. Nylon Dress
Classic Nigerian song in praise of new synthetic wonder material recorded in Puspita Studios, Jakarta, Indonesia with special guests in January 1994. The afronesian sound of Dangdut Hi-Life is born!

12. Valle E Pogradecit
Featuring two rare episodes of legendary Radio Szegerely soap opera "Askadinia Street", a so-called unplugged version of popular dance tune recorded at KCRW Radio, Santa Monica, CA, USA 27/1/91.

13. Urbas Voda / Prepišor
Double bill with Houzam making impossible demands on a goldsmith and a hell-for-lather Balkanic Bikutsi finish. Inside boardcast from near Uncle's basement in London, 1991.

14. Traktorsko Kolo (Special Bagus Bonus Track!!!)
special bonus collector's item memento of unique gathering of the Famille du Grand Mustapha at the Nancy Jazz Festival, France in 1987. Recorded on the Szegerely Mobile held aloft by Sara Krish.

National Anthem and Askadinia Street Theme
written & performed by members of the
Askadinia Radio Players (Niaveti 3, Hijaz,
Expen$ive, Houzam, Kemo, Isfahani & Sabah Habas)

all titles copyright control except:
#3: MCPS
#4:  ASCAP 
#10: Inter-African Publishing {ASCAP
#14: SOKOJ

℗ 1984-1994 Kartini Music
© 2001 DeSelby Productions, Inc.

Released under exclusive license from Kartini Music.

Radio station promo. KOPN written on CD and cover

1. Radio Szegerely 0:40
2. Ah Ya Assmar El Lawn 3:22
3. Ljubav Kraj Izvora / Zvezdanovo Kolo 5:38
4. Perfidia 5:21
5. Speed The Traktor 4:40
6. Niska Banja 2:56
7. Szegerely Soul Stew 4:33
8. Si Vous Passez Par Là 5:07
9. Maramures Zydeco 3:43
10. A Chilling Tale / Hardcourt Drowned / Troublesome Water 4:35
11. Nylon Dress 5:25
12. Valle E Pogradecit 5:12
13. Urbas Voda / Prepišor 8:07
14. Traktorsko Kolo (Special Bagus Bonus Track!!!) 6:43