The Jokers (11) : Why New Orleans Can't Forget Them (LP)
The Jokers (11) : Why New Orleans Can't Forget Them (LP)

Used LP - The Jokers (11) - Why New Orleans Can't Forget Them (LP) (Mint (M))

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Initial LP release year is unknown, with a possible CD issue in 1992 and an LP reissue in 2003.

Back of LP reads:

It all started in the summer of 1957 when THE JOKERS appeared on the nationally televised Jerry Lewis Telethon. From that moment on, The Jokers were a dominant force in the New Orleans Music Sound.
Their tight, driving musical renditions of popular rhythm and blues songs rocked and rolled people everywhere.
What made their show exciting was the introduction of wild stage antics and dancing amongst the crowd during their songs. They were consistent Battle-of-the-Bands contest winners, probably because of their revolutionary approach to entertaining.
Anyone who attended one of the JOKERS' dances will tell you what I'm talking about, but don't take my word for it - listen for yourself.
As you play this album, featuring the various lead singers of the JOKERS, spend a few minutes reliving that fabulous era. If you were lucky enough to have seen the JOKERS perform, each song will bring back some special memory.
Thank you JOKERS, for giving all of us memories we will never forget - and that's the reason why New Orleans will never forget the JOKERS!

Poppa Stoppa

Special Thanks To:
Bille Delle...................Consultants
Joe Schneider.............Consultants
Jennifer Sevin.............Staff
Vinsetta Sewell...........Staff
Paul S. Dovie..............Photographer
Gaynell Gaudin............Artist
John Ross..................Graphics

 "This album is dedicated to all those musicians that played with The Jokers."

Sealed Copy!

A1. Just A Moment
A2. Bells In My Heart
A3. There's Got To Be A Girl
A4. Night After Night
A5. Don't Break Your Promise
A6. Graduation Day
B1. I Wish I Knew
B2. Something Special
B3. To Tease And Please
B4. Junko Partner
B5. I'm Not A Know It All
B6. Over The Rainbow


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